VOCO Sustainability Week

The VOCO Sustainability Week culminated in a teacher training day on Friday, April 12, bringing together nearly 30 teachers interested in green topics.

During the day, teachers were introduced to the materials created by the Baltic Green Leadership project that they can use in their teaching. Teachers participating in green consortia also presented what has been done so far and what innovations are planned to introduce more green skills into the vocational curriculum. Karin Traks, a teacher, helped to recall the most important concepts related to sustainability, the European Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the GreenComp framework of sustainability competences in green skills.

In the workshops that followed, participants were introduced to practical methods to help integrate sustainability themes into different lessons. Teachers Helin Liiv, Heike Toomik and Anette Teesaar presented their inclusive methods and everyone had the opportunity to try out role-playing, problem cards or board games.

The day ended with a trip to the Cider House in Valgjärve, where a superb example of circular economy in a production company was explored.

The focus of the VOCO Sustainability Week was on the textile sector. During the week, both teachers and students could participate in various workshops, discuss in panel discussions on reuse, recycling, and reducing textile waste,  watch a fashion show, and visit the exhibition “Out of the Closet – Clothes Between the Body and the Weather” set up by the Tartu Nature House.