Newsletter Nr. 2

Green Leadership Newsletter No. 2

The second edition of Green Leadership newsletter.

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Green Leadership international staff training event October 9-12.

26 participants from all Green Leadership partner organizations took part in Green Leadership international staff training event October 9-12. Training started on board of the ferry and continued in Helsinki. It was organized and delivered by the excellent Sykli trainers Ms.Katariina Mustonen and Ms.Nina Maarit Partanen.  The training program will continue with webinars for VET teachers and managers.

Green Leadership workshop

Green Leadership workshop with experts on sustainability and circular economy approaches in different sectors took place in Riga at LCCI. Experts represented well-known companies like SCHWENK Latvia and Sakret (production of construction materials), Coca-Cola, NOMAD Arhitects, Bank of Latvia. Workshop participants learned how and which parts of production process and use of resources can be addressed, how design and architecture can contribute to sustainable buildings and environment, how sustainability aspects are integrated into operations of the Bank of Latvia.

Riga Workshop presentations

2nd Partner Meeting in Riga

2nd Partner Meeting was held in Riga on August 30-31, 2023 and was hosted by the lead partner LCCI. Partners discussed management issues, dissemination progress, the results  of WP2: the interviews and the compendium, as well as detailed plans for WP3 with the main focus on the training event in Finland.

Staff Training Event: Helsinki, October 9 -12, 2023 

 Day 1:  09.10.2023

  • Green Travel: Meet at Tallinn Port at 11.00 a.m. 
  • Eckeroline Ferry leaves at 12.00. Social Lunch
  • Workshop: Sustainable Development Mega Trends
  • EU Greean Deal. How do I measure my Carbon Footprint?

Day 2:  10.10.2023

  • Green Camp: workshop for Green Comp framework 
  • How Green Comp will help us transform education 
  • Study visit to VET school’s Green City Farm 
  • Transformative Learning Environment 
  • Demonstration workshop: nature’s carbon sinks 

Day 3:  11.10.2023

  • Circular economy business models 
  • Company case study; 
  • Tools for Green Hackathon; 
  • Guest speaker: how to support local companies in Green Transition 
  • Social Dinner 

Day 4:  12.10.2023

  • Study visit to Circular Society Kerran Hallit 
  • Visits to companies at Kera, walk around Kera Kollektiivi 
  • Helsinki Port at 13.00, Ferry to Tallinn at 14.15 
  • Wrap up of Training, next steps 
  • Arrival in Tallinn Port at 17.30 

Practical info 

Boat fees: EUR 42.00 per passanger Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn 

Choose hotels in Pasila area (within walking distance to training venue). Possible choices: Scandic Pasila, Sokos Hotel Pasila. 

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Green Leadership Newsletter No. 1

Welcome to the first edition of Green Leadership newsletter.

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Study visit to community centre “Miesto Laboratorija” 

BGL team made a study visit to a community centre “Miesto Laboratorija” in Vilnius, started on voluntary basis by a few women. “Miesto Laboratorija” is proud that they have never bought anything new to make the centre cosy and welcoming: every item starting from furniture to tea spoon are second hand or “new life of old things”. Coat hanger is made of old skis, tables are old doors, …… At the back of the office they have a hydroponic garden and grow lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, and other veggies.

Workshop with Circular Economy Experts in Vilnius, Lithuania

Partner VESK organized a workshop with circular and green economy experts for BGL team in February 2023. Experts represented Hilton hotel (food waste management), IKI Lithuania (the challenge of green strategies in supermarket chains), Paulig PRO (green practices in the world of coffee) and social projects of salad bar “Mano Guru”.  Follow this link to view experts’ presentations