About the Project and Partners

Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnerships project No. 2022-1-LV01-KA220-VET-000089171

 Baltic Green Leadership: VET Students as Agents of Change (Green Leadership)


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  • Lead Partner: Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Partner countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland
  • Total Budget: 400’000,00 EUR
  • Project period: 01.11.2022 – 31.10.2025

Green Leadership addresses two objectives:

 1) to propose innovative approaches for skills development in VET responding to the needs of labour market and economy; 

2) to address environmental challenges by developing green competences of VET teachers, trainers and managers, as well transversal and green competences of VET students

Activities. The project approach is reflected in 4 main steps:

 1) identifying best practices of green transition in the Baltic region;

 2) developing and piloting Green Leadership training program for VET teachers and managers;

 3) testing active learning approaches in VET: local green hackathons, Baltic Green Hackathon; 

 4) sharing and promoting results and methods.

Outputs include: 

1) Green Leadership training program for VET teachers and managers;

2) Active learning methods;

3) VET students presentations of solutions for green transition.

The main result will be green competences and other transversal competences of participants. Target groups include VET teachers, managers and VET students. Indirect target groups are VET stakeholders, authorities, sectoral representatives, teacher trainers. Approx. 400 participants will be directly involved in project.


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Baltic Bright (Latvia)

Vidzeme Technology and Design Vocational Schoo (Latvia)

Vocational Education and Training Center VESK (Lithuania)

Sykli Environmental School (Finland)

Tartu Vocational College (Estonia)

The Estonian Agricultural Museum (Estonia)