Interview with Manta North (Latvia)

Manta North specializes in sustainable house construction, focusing on energy efficiency and eco-friendly materials. Houses are built to grade A energy efficiency standards and comply with passive house requirements, prioritizing quality, comfort, and energy conservation. 

Interview with Tartu Earth Programme Line Manager

Estonian Agriculture Museum conducted an interview in May 2023 with  European Capital of Culture Tartu2024 Earth Programme Line Manager Triin Pikk who told about the green ideas implemented by the Tartu 2024 in the future events and activities.

Some of her thoughts:„Environment in Tartu has always been in focus. It had been the 1st city in Estonia to create their own  climate strategy and by now Tartu has joined  100 cities in EU which had promised to become  carbon neutral by year 2030. Tartu 2024 Story started from applying for European Capital of Culture were many from the first Bid book “Arts of Survival” projects addressed climate crises within arts and culture.“

Interview with salad bar “Mano Guru”

Salad bar “Mano Guru”, the first social enterprise in Lithuania working with socially marginalized adults and youth, recognizes the significance to start with something in order “green change” happen. A manager Ms. Enrika Mineikaitė shared valuable company perspectives during the interview. The company promotes plastic reduction and awareness of sustainable choices through packaging options and educational efforts. An emphasis on in-house coffee consumption over takeaways aims to educate customers about the environmental impact of single-use cups and encourage mindful choices.

Interview with SCHWENK Latvija

On 22nd of May 2023, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held an interview with Ms. Evita Goša (Member of the Management Board; Environmental and Legal Director) of SCHWENK Latvija. The company is one of the leading building material producers in Latvia and one of the most innovative in Europe, which also strives towards the sustainable business practice – alternative fuel, reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, sustainable logistics, product sustainability, circular economy and waste management.

Interview with Balticfloc Ltd. (Latvia)

Baltic Bright interviewed Mr.Edžus Cābulis, the manager of company Balticfloc Ltd. operating in Cēsis (Latvia).  The company recycles waste paper and produces several products:  thermal insulation materials (ecowool, pellets), ecological absorption material, material for road construction, hydroseeding material for lawns, litter or bedding for animals.