Vidzeme Technology and Design Vocational School

Organisation description

Vidzeme Technology and Design Vocational School is a vocational educational institution in the secondary level. Vocational school offers professional second-degree educational programs – road transport, mechanical engineering, catering service, crop production, agricultural technology, computer systems, databases and computer networks, construction, administrative and secretarial service, programming, energy and electrical engineering, woodwork, woodwork design, clothing design.

Vocational school has assigned professional education competence center status in Mechanical Engineering, Agriculture, Information and Communication Technology.

There are 900 VET students and 90 teaching staff and 260 adult learners and 25 teaching staff.

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Responsible contact person (-s) for project

Mrs. Katrina Stalsane-Purvinska

Project Manager,,

+371 28310106

Mrs. Terēze Stālmane

Project Manager,,

+371 29252126