Baltic Bright

Organisation description

Baltic Bright works in two main areas:

1) developing and implementing EU education projects, for the last 10 years focusing on innovation in vocational education and training (VET) and work-based learning (WBL);

2) developing and implementing continuing professional development (CPD) courses for VET professionals: teachers, trainers, mentors, managers. 

BB has taken part in development of trainings for VET professionals,  WBL tutors, stakeholders on the following topics:

– planning and organization of WBL, quality of WBL, innovative WBL tutor training;

– VET enterprise cooperation

– competence-based, learning outcomes approach;

– individual approach and individual learning plan in VET and WBL

– developing entrepreneurship skills of VET students;

– digital tools for VET teachers and trainers;

– validation of non-formal and informal learning.These topics have been integrated in workshops, seminars, coaching sessions for target groups from Latvia, EU and third countries. BB is maintaining a website for OER in VET and WBL: BB has been part of EU Policy Experimentation platform (2017-2020), contributed initiatives to Baltic Alliance for Apprenticeships (BAfA), shared Latvia’s innovative experience in VET at EU Presidency event (2015), ET2020 working group on VET (2018), Cedefop (2019) and European Training foundation (2021).

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Responsible contact person (-s) for project

Ms.Vita Žunda

Board member, project manager